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Your comprehensive multienergy provider

We are committed to the development of new, low-emissions energy solutions.


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    A global company

    Present throughout the entire value chain, we market our products in 100 countries.
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    Net zero emissions

    We are leading the energy transition by being the first company in the energy sector to set the goal of reaching net zero emissions by 2050.
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    We have launched more than 280 digital initiatives to improve efficiency and safety and optimize resources
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    A talented team

    We have a diverse team of nearly 25,000 employees representing 79 nationalities who work across 31 countries.
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Producing and transforming the energy you need

We are strongly committed to efficiency and sustainability.
Proved reserves of 1.852 billion barrels of oil equivalent
Seven industrial complexes in Spain, Portugal, and Peru
Net average production of 648,000 barrels of oil equivalent/day
100% low-emissions electricity generation capacity of
3,295 MW

Offering energy solutions for your everyday life

5,000 service stations in Spain, Portugal, Peru, Italy, and Mexico
300+ electric vehicle charging stations throughout Spain
24 million customers worldwide already trust in Repsol