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Part of the same team

We ensure the integrity of the relationships we maintain with our suppliers and contractors. These companies must comply with the regulations in force concerning labor rights, health, safety, and environment.
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    All companies that maintain a contractual relationship with us must abide by the Ethics and Conduct Code for Suppliers.
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    Solid relationships

    We build and promote relationships based on mutual respect and trust.
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    We hold our suppliers to the same standards of excellence that we demand of ourselves.
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How to become a supplier for Repsol

If you have not had a prior business relationship with us and are interested in becoming part of our team as a supplier, you will first have to complete a pre-qualification questionnaire*. With this information, we will analyze whether you meet the minimum requirements to collaborate with us.

If information you provide is of interest to us, we will begin the qualification process, otherwise your request will be put on file to cover possible future needs.

*By submitting this information, it does not imply in any case a commitment on behalf of REPSOL to contact the supplier and maintain any sort of professional relationship.

Procurement process

Our procurement model first includes the identification of the need to purchase the good or service; the qualification of the supplier; negotiation, awarding, and notification of the winning bidder; and the formalization of the contract and issuance of the order.
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    Negotiation / Awarding

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    Contract / Order

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    Performance evaluation

Phase 2: Negotiation and awarding

The negotiation and awarding phase is a rather important part of the procurement process, and it's carried out using two tools: Tender and electronic auction.

*If you are a supplier that has been invited to a tender on the new SAP Ariba Repsol platform, you must access it through your account on Ariba Network.

**If you are a supplier that has been invited to an auction on the new SAP Ariba Repsol platform, you must access it through your account on Ariba Network.

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Phase 4: Performance evaluation

We care about the safety of those who work with us and their overall environment, so we have different tools in place to evaluate this.
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    These ensure the appropriate performance of everything surrounding the supplier's work.
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    Action plans

    Repsol may request action plans to be defined if the performance is considered improvable.
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    We promote a safety culture through informational, training, and awareness-raising programs.

Chemicals Business Performance evaluation report:

We build relationships based on trust with our strategic partners, which propels us forwards faster and adds further value to our operations.