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A car driving on the road in the countryside. Mobility solutions.
  • Leading providers of energy for mobility

    We focus on pioneering solutions such as AutoGas, the development of more efficiency fuels, or the largest electric vehicle charging network in Spain.
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AutoGas pump filling up a tank

Our focus on AutoGas

AutoGas is the most widely used alternative fuel and leads to a 40% saving and a 15% reduction of CO2 emissions. 

There are more than 100,000 AutoGas-powered cars on the roads of Spain, much higher than any other alternative energy source, and we have 745 supply points in this country.

Alongside companies such as AVL and DELPHI, we have taken a step forward in the use of LPG, showing the benefits of using liquid direct injection AutoGas as a fuel.

In addition, following a joint development project with our Repsol Technology Lab, we have invested in the company BEGAS to sell a 100% AutoGas-powered engine for heavy-duty vehicles.

Leaders of the electric mobility sector in Spain

Our commitment encompasses the entire process, from the generation of renewable electricity to vehicle charging.
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    electric vehicle charging points.
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    fast charging points and two ultra-fast charging points in Spain
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    of the electricity used to recharge vehicles is renewable in order to reduce the carbon footprint.
Josu Jon Imaz at the opening of the ultra-fast charging station in Ugaldebieta

The most powerful electric vehicle charging station in Europe

Our Company opened the most powerful charging station for electric vehicles in Europe. The facility, located in the Basque Country in nothern Spain, has four 400-kW terminals able to charge electric vehicle batteries supporting its maximum power in just five to ten minutes, which is comparable to the time it takes for conventional refueling.

Carsharing with zero-emissions vehicles

A parked WiBLE car

Together with the vehicle manufacturer Kia Motors, we have set up WiBLE, a new carsharing operator that promotes sustainable mobility in Madrid and the surrounding areas.

The service has a fleet of 500 plug-in hybrids and reaches further afield than the other carsharing service available in the capital thanks to the increased range, comfort, and safety. There are three WiBLE bases located in Villaverde, Las Tablas, and Pozuelo where users can pick up and leave the vehicles, as well as a network of private parking lots to park the cars.

WiBLE, moving towards new mobility services >

Sustainable vehicles at our facilities

In 2013 we launched our corporate carsharing service with six 100% electric vehicles and the associated charging infrastructure. A further six AutoGas vehicles were added in 2016. This service is available to all employees for work-related journeys. It has 650 registered users, who have traveled over 300,000 km in these low-emissions vehicles.

Alongside innovative start-ups

Thanks to our investment fund that accelerates new businesses and helps them achieve their objectives.
  • Innovation and Collaboration. Ample's promotional image
    Development of a pioneering battery charging system that charges vehicles in just minutes.
  • Innovation and Collaboration. Silence urban ecomobility logo
    Production of scooters for fleets and individuals, as well as the "removable battery pack" system.
  • Innovation and collaboration. WeSmartPark logo
    Creation of a platform for sharing private parking spaces.
  • Innovation and collaboration. DriveSmart logo
    Improved safety and driving technique through a data analysis app.