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A Wible car outside the Repsol Campus

Wible, the carsharing operator

The first sustainable mobility solution that provides coverage to the outskirts of the Spanish capital.

How does it work?

  • Calendar and clock icon

    Rates by the minute, hour, or day

    Price includes tax, fuel, full-coverage insurance, and roadside assistance.
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    Manage everything from the app

    You can see car availability, reserve a car, pay, open and close vehicles, and more.
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    Three strategic points

    There are three areas to pick up and drop off vehicles: Villaverde, Las Tablas, and Pozuelo.
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    Full battery and gas tank

    Wible will take care of recharging the battery and filling up the tank. You just pay a set rate.

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Wible advantages

Shot of the Metropolitano building in Madrid

Drive restriction free

Drive freely anywhere in Madrid and park free of charge in the designated parking spots.
Shot of a highway in Madrid

Longer range

Our cars have a longer range than other carsharing operators – 58 km in electric mode and over 600 km on a single tank.
Close-up of two hands holding on to the wheel of a car

Safest cars around

With crash avoidance and active driving assistance systems, Wible cars ensure greater safety on the road.
KIA car with the Wible vinyl sticker on it

Kia Motors Corporation and Repsol partnership

The project combines the extensive experience in the mobility business and knowledge of Repsol's consumers with the know-how of Kia, consumers' fourth favorite brand in our country, which makes a strong commitment to sustainable mobility with its 100% electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid vehicles.