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Your smart home, more sustainable and efficient

Smart homes have a system that allows you to efficiently monitor, control, and optimize the energy you consume at home. Repsol is already developing various tools that enable you to improve your home's energy efficiency as well as:
  • A woman is looking at her phone
    Check your current electricity consumption, without having to wait for the bill to find out.
  • Two men in the kitchen
    See your appliances' consumption at any time in euros and kWh.
  • A home with solar panels installed on the roof
    If you have solar panels installed, you can find out how much energy you generate and consume.
  • Two smiling friends looking at their power bill
    Reduce your environmental footprint thanks to the control you have over the energy you use at home.
Montaje con una mujer señalando hologramas de energía eficiente

Let us help you make your energy consumption more efficient