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Compensation and benefits


Performance-based compensation

At Repsol, we believe that meritocracy is the best way to reward performance and commitment. In order to treat our employees as fairly as possible, we've implemented an assessment and compensation system based on individual achievement, unit performance, and company results. As part of our compensation and benefits model, employees know what's expected of them, how their performance is being assessed, and what benefits they will receive.

Rewarding your performance

At Repsol, our Total Rewards model includes fixed compensation, incentive-based variable compensation, benefits, and pension plans.
  • €76,000

    average investment

    In 2017, our rewards model invested an average of €71,600 in personnel and benefit-related expenses.
  • €100 million +

    in compensation

    Benefits make up one of the most important parts of our compensation system. In 2017 alone we invested €102.6 million.