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Work-life balance and flexibility

Committed to our employees

We are committed to creating a flexible work environment by implementing measures that allow employees to manage their own time, focusing on productivity and efficiency. To do so, we established a Diversity and Work-Life Balance Committee and signed the 9th Framework Agreement, which reflects our commitment to these initiatives.

Our initiatives

Work-life balance
Work flexibility
Work-life balance services
A woman teleworking with her computer.


Teleworking has a positive effect on productivity and increases motivation. At Repsol, we have several modalities of teleworking. At the close of 2018, more than 2,267 employees were making use of these modalities.

Throughout 2019 we will be looking at how to implement teleworking at our locations outside Spain.

* Availability depends on location and position.

A mother holding her child in her arms.

The basics in work-life balance, worldwide

We believe in a healthy work-life balance and that’s why we’ve updated our basic-level policies to adapt them to the legal requirements, uses, and customs in every country. Reviews are made of maternity, paternity, and breastfeeding leave, as well as days off for marriages and deaths in the family.

* Availability depends on location and position.

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Work and schedule flexibility

We don't believe in a mandatory physical presence at the workplace. At Repsol, we believe that work should be focused on achieving goals. This is why we have a long-standing flexibility policy to link our work to results. A flexible workday, an intensive workday schedule at all our industrial complexes, a workday reduction option, and the right to disconnect are some of the steps we’ve taken to provide the flexibility our employees need.

* Availability depends on location and position.

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Other work-life balance services

The idea behind our work-life balance services is to tend to the personal needs of all our employees. Services include our Time Bank, legal services, health services, and even psychological counselling by phone in Ecuador.

* Availability depends on location and position.

Recognition for our commitment to the work-life balance of our employees

Logo Flexible company award

Flexible company award

With this recognition for our commitment to flexibility in the workplace, the Spanish Ministry of Health, Consumption, and Welfare makes its appreciation known for the best practices in the sector.
Logo Top Employers España

Top Employers Spain

Certification awarded to companies with the highest standards in the conditions they offer their employees.

ARHOE Awards

Fundación AROHE has acknowledged our work in facilitating a more logical work schedule that permits a decent work-life balance.