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Fraud alert

Job offer fraud alert

Repsol has been made aware of reports that scam job offers are being circulated using our name and brand. These offers make use of fake websites or email addresses in which our brand is unlawfully replicated. These emails appear to be signed by Repsol employees and provide erroneous information about Repsol's recruitment process, both in and outside Spain, to seem like a legitimate job offer.

How do they do it?

An employment letter detailing the contract terms and conditions is sent to professionals throughout the sector in different countries. Those terms require the candidate to pay a certain amount of money to cover visa, residency permit, job, and insurance costs, among others.

Some tips

Repsol never requests payment or fees from candidates to enter our selection process, be hired, or cover expatriation costs.

  • Never send money in relation to a job offer from Repsol or any other company.
  • Make sure that the message is sent from the company in question.
  • Always read privacy and personal data processing policies. This is our privacy policy.
  • Always check that the website is secure. The url should start with https://


We are taking all the legal measures necessary to protect your privacy and our integrity. Nevertheless, if in doubt you can contact our Selection department by writing to the following email address:
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