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A woman opening a pair of curtains to let the light in

Before us lies the challenge to keep safeguarding everyone's health, as we reactivate all that had been brought to a sudden halt. This time, we have the opportunity to reinvent ourselves and build that future we want together.

It won't be easy, but #TogetherWeCanDoIt. At Repsol, we will continue to provide for you all the energy you need, wherever you need it, as we continue promoting the industry, employment, entrepreneurship, and sustainability.

This commitment has inspired these uplifting stories and tips to help us face this moment with responsibility, enthusiasm, and above all, lots of energy.

  • At Repsol, we put all our energy into facing the Coronavirus head-on

    By safeguarding the safety and health of our employees, customers, and partners, ensuring the energy supply even in the darkest times, and implementing initiatives in collaboration with those who have been fighting against the pandemic.

Safeguarding the safety of our team

From the beginning of the pandemic and throughout the exit plan process, at Repsol we have expanded our ways of teleworking to ensure the continuity of our operations, while always guaranteeing the safety of our production processes.