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View of a Repsol industrial complex
  • Through the Repsol Corporate Venturing fund, we look for startups that provide disruptive reliability and maintenance solutions for the oil and gas industry, with a special focus on the prevention of internal and external corrosion.

We are looking for disruptive solutions in the following fields:

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    Data collection

    Novel NDT techniques
    Elements to inspect inaccessible areas

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    Corrosion modelling for prediction purposes.
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    Leak detection techniques and environmental prevention systems.
  • Have you presented your project on corrosion?

    On April 10th, we set a new challenge with the aim of looking for startups in the industrial field that provided us with solutions for minimizing, prediciting, and identifying corrosion in our processes.   The deadline to submit the projects closed on May 31st.

    Thank you very much to all of you who participated and help spread this initiative. The quantity and quality of the proposals received show everything has been a success. 

    We are analyzing the applications received and in the coming weeks we will contact those that best suit the needs of our businesses.

    Remember, that although the challenge is over, you can continue presenting your projects related to the energy sector by leaving us a short description and your contact information in the following form.

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We support our startups during the growth stage by providing financial stability and commercial structure.
View of a Repsol industrial complex


Together with our businesses, we develop pilot tests for new technologies and business models and we accelerate their deployment within our organization.

Do you know how the process works?

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We perform an in-depth evaluation of your startup to identify its strategic contribution to our value chain. We define the collaboration agreement between your startup and the Repsol business to which it adds value.
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Agreement finalization

We finalize negotiations and approve the initial investment.
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Portfolio development

Pilot tests are carried out to confirm the investment hypothesis.

We scale up the benefits to our entire organization. We help the startups achieve success.

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Launch / Integration

We establish the best launch strategy for each company in our portfolio.
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Contributing to open innovation

Juan Lorenzo Boix, Repsol’s Director of Reliability and Maintenance, tells you how we work with startups from around the world to develop new solutions for industry.