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Aerial view of city lights at night

Did you know...?

  • Image of the sky and clouds
    Ten countries hold more than 85% of the world's oil reserves.
  • View of several wind turbines
    The share of renewables in global electricity generation reached 26.6% in 2019.
  • A truck driving along the road
    Oil demand has increased by 20% since 2005.
  • Image of several solar panels
    Solar power generation multiplied by almost 200 since 2005. Yet, it's only 2.7% of the total global electricity.
  • Discover the global distribution of energy sources

    In this database, you can find objective information on the production and consumption of oil and natural gas, total electricity generation, and the importance of renewable energies, CO2 emissions, and many others, as aggregate data from 50 countries and 10 regions.

  • Beyond the data

    We analyze the highlights of the recent evolution of the oil and gas sectors at an international level, as well as the Spanish energy sector.