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Articulated robot hand. Open innovation

Open talent: Seeking the best talent to build a future together

Innovation, transformation, disruption. If you are a startup, technology center, university, or a technical professional, and these concepts define you, step into our ecosystem and collaborate with us on finding new, more efficient and sustainable energy solutions.

Open space: A place where we turn ideas into reality

We work in open, collaborative, and flexible spaces where cutting-edge technology is used: a Health & Safety Excellence environment in a natural, clean, and sustainable space, a connected home showroom, a building powered by solar energy, a robotics lab, a Green Hydrogen plant, an Energy Management System lab, and much more. Discover everything we offer you.

An environment designed for high-performance teamwork that promotes the co-creation and co-design of proofs of concept through streamlined methodologies.
A multicultural and multidisciplinary space that makes it possible to interact with excellent internal professionals at Repsol with extensive expertise in the energy sector.
An opportunity to work in a dual organization in which the hierarchy and network structures coexist.
  • Open collaboration: Creating value through entrepreneurship alongside our partners

    Together, we collaborate in fields such as energy transition, advanced mobility, circular economy, new materials, and artificial intelligence, through different lines of work including, for instance, accelerators, conceptualization and team building sessions, Lean workshops, lessons learned sessions, upskilling and reskilling programs, among others.

We invest in businesses focusing on the energy transition and the inclusion of vulnerable social groups

  • Open Innovation Hub

    For an idea to become a reality, it must pass through the different stages of its life cycle. At our Open Innovation Hub, we are in contact with multiple key players of the technological innovation ecosystem in order to identify opportunities to which we can contribute through open innovation investment vehicles.
    Chart showing the Open Innovation Hub stages and key players