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  • Changing the world with open innovation

    The Repsol Technology Lab is an example of one of the most cutting-edge private R&D models in Spain. It's based on open innovation and a network of partnerships encompassing technology centers, businesses, and universities worldwide, whose objective is to seek sustainable solutions to achieve a more efficient and competitive lower-carbon business.

    Our research is supported and complemented by the Corporate Venturing investment fund and an Open Innovation strategy.

Multiple solutions for the great challenge of transforming energy

At the Repsol Technology Lab, we have a global vision for innovation aimed at transforming the energy sector, focusing our main projects on the following areas of action:

The vision of our experts

  • A story of continuous innovation

    The Repsol Technology Lab is the latest landmark of innovation for Repsol. Innovation has been embedded into our DNA since the beginning, and over time it has evolved to adapt to the needs of the Company's energy and digital transition. These are some of our milestones: