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  • Innovation for your business

    Our bitumen range includes next-generation, self-healing, and crumb rubber varieties.

Betunes asfálticos, un básico imprescindible

Asphalt bitumens, a bare necessity

We carefully select the heaviest currents at our refineries in order to produce these bitumens for road surfacing and other specialized products.
Betunes modificados, innovación y tecnología propia de Repsol

Modified bitumens, Repsol's very own innovation and technology

This will enable us to improve the performance of our products and simplify the tire recycling process.
Betún alto módulo, más del doble de rigidez que la mezcla convenciona

High modulus bitumen, twice as rigid as the conventional mixture

These bitumens make it possible to reduce the thickness of asphalt surfaces which lowers costs. As you can see, at Repsol we put your business first.
Asfaltos inteligentes, las carreteras del futuro hoy Smart asphalts

Smart asphalts: The roads of the future, today

Smart asphalts are now a reality, helping to reduce energy consumption with varieties that use recycled materials or have the abilitiy to regenerate, as well as new semi-hot mixtures.
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