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  • Emulsions and modified emulsions

    Our products are diversified and innovative. Their main application is to facilitate gluing between the various layers that comprise a road surface and, additionally, in the case of modified emulsions they reinforce product performance.
Bituminous emulsions

Bituminous emulsions

They have been key to the development of cold-mix technology for roads. They can be used as a binder at low temperatures and even at ambient temperature.
Modified emulsions

Modified emulsions

Their use is adequate in heavy traffic and adverse weather conditions to guarantee an excellent bond between layers and improved cohesion with the aggregate.
Thermo-Adhesive Emulsions

Thermal adhesive emulsions

Their thermo-adhesive property guarantees zero stickiness of any element until the moment of application of the hot bituminous mixture, which precisely modifies the viscosity of the binder at the time, facilitating adherence between layers.
Emulsión especial para reciclado en frío

Special emulsion for cold-mix recycling

Specially developed by us for cold-mix recycling of aged surfaces. It is specifically designed for each construction project and provides the components lost by the original bitumen of the road over time, returning its initial characteristics.
Emulsions for cooled bituminous mixtures

Emulsions for cooled bituminous mixes

We have developed the ECOTEMP and RECITEMP range of emulsions for manufacturing and using cooled bituminous mixtures. To this end we achieve a reduction in temperature, thereby lowering emissions, increased occupational safety and health and energy savings.
EFIMUL Cold open mixtures

EFIMUL open-graded cold mixes

Formulated ad-hoc for manufacturing open-graded mixtures that can be stored, handled at ambient temperature and are specifically designed to leverage the versatility and mobility offered by the machines used to manufacture and spread bituminous slurries.
High-performance emulsion for Cold Microsurfacing and Bituminous Slurries

High-performance emulsion for cold mix microagglomerates and bitumen slurry

Enables obtainment of fast-fracture and very high-cohesion cold microsurfacing, capable of supporting the most adverse working conditions.
High Stability in Storage Emulsions. Export emulsions

High stability emulsions for storage and export

This range of emulsions has high stability in storage, making it possible to improve the natural sedimentation process during storage and transportation over long distances.
Public Administration is committed to cold microsurfacing

Public administration is committed to cold microsurfacing

In times of reduced investment in road infrastructure, the Ministry of Public Works and other public administrations have opted for slurry seals and cold microsurfacing for road preservation, including these techniques in its tender specifications.
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