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Technical Conference in Jaén

Debate on the safety and sustainability of asphalts

  • Alongside Safety and Environemt (S&E), the Asphalts Technical Support, Business Development, and Sales departments held a Technical Conference in the Provincial Council of Jaen to discuss asphalts, bitumen safety, and sustainable roads.
From left to right: Jose Pablo Sánchez Najar, Francisco Jose Lucas Ochoa, and Francisco Guisado Mateo

The conference, which took place at the Provincial Council of Jaén, was attended by numerous road service technicians, as well as a large group of contractors from the area.

During the meeting, the representatives of our Company gave a presentation on Repsol asphalts and highlighted the importance of safety when handling bitumen, a product considered a dangerous good for road transport (ADR), with its temperature being the main risk.

In this regard, participants highlighted the importance that all those involved in the supply chain – the suppliers who load it, transporters, drivers, and customers – exercise extreme caution.

Sustainable roads

Participants also discussed sustainable techniques and solutions for roads with low traffic intensity.

The bituminous mixtures manufactured from our product aim to achieve a series of technical, environmental, and social characteristics that reduce their environmental impact and create a road that is safer for the user and sustainable for society.