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Repsol Lubricants and Special Products will market Recofal Pellets in UK

Recofal Pellets
Colored asphalts

Recofal-brand synthetic binders, one of the special products developed by REPSOL, are on high demand for the building of pigmented infrastructures, as they provide differentiated advantages with respect to conventional bitumens, mainly in aesthetic terms.

Within this product line, mention must be made of a binder called Recofal SP100, which has the advantage of being supplied in pellet form, allowing handling and distribution in a solid state at room temperature, minimizing the risks associated with the use of high-temperature materials and thereby increasing operational security. Additionally, this product offers bitumen mixture manufacturers the possibility of using these without having to use specialized storage equipment at their plants when manufacturing pigmented mixtures.

There are many experiences related to the supply and use of Recofal S100P both in Spain and in other countries, namely:

  • Application in Parque del Retiro in Madrid
  • Supply for application in the vicinity of the Maracaná Stadium in Brazil.
  • Application in urban roads in various cities: Pontevedra, Mallorca, and Toledo.
  • Supply to countries such as Russia and Argentina.
These advantages and experiences were acknowledged by a pigment marketing company in the UK, which has made it possible to enter into a marketing and distribution agreement in said country, thereby expanding the product's market outside Spain.