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Repsol's emulsions make their way around the globe


At Repsol we can boast of emulsions that make their way around the globe, after being manufactured in and shipped from Spain, offering excellent performance in terms of stability during storage.

This is corroborated by the supply of more than 300 tons of C60B3 Antistick and C60BP3 Antistick emulsions of our EXPORT line.

Supplies were made to such different destinations as the United Kingdom, the Bahamas, and Africa, all involving very different transportation times and distances, and arriving at their destination in optimum conditions for application.

This type of emulsions is supplied through a non-hazardous bulk liquid transportation system using flexitank containers, which enables stable storage without risk of spills. This system allows easy in-plant loading of the emulsion through an upper mouth and unloading of the product at destination through a discharge valve at the bottom of the tank, which allows loading of the cisterns by means of a pump for subsequent distribution.

The sale of these products is made possible by the development of emulsions specifically formulated to delay sedimentation by providing the bitumen globules with the necessary stability. This possibility reduces the inherent risk of distributing bitumen emulsions over long distances.