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Works using the cold recycling technique, full-rate hot-in-plant

Cold recycling technique

From August 16th to 24th, our customer, Antolín García Lozoya in the province of Toledo, executed works using the full-rate cold recycling technique on the TO-1927 Fuensalida-Camarena road over a length of 8 km.

The works consisted of an 8 cm thick screed of bitumen mixture and the transportation of the screed material to the plant.

The plant is equipped with devices for controlling humidity and temperature, and filters for manufacturing a cold-recycled mixture.

The previously screed material was classified before mixing with the emulsion, which was specifically designed for these works.

This made it possible to achieve the following objectives:

  • Savings on materials and new aggregates.
  • Use of the binder of the old pavement
  • Reduction and saving of energy in the production process
  • Reduction in emissions to the environment and with excellent work conditions for employees
  • Maintenance of traffic during the works and significant reduction in action time on the road
This action made it possible to achieve both environmental and economic improvements in the project for the Provincial Council of Toledo and the contractor.