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Works using the on-site cold recycling technique in Tenerife

Works using the on-site cold recycling technique in Tenerife

In June, work was carried out on the TF-66 road in the south of the island of Tenerife between Las Galletas and Valle de San Lorenzo using the on-site cold recycling technique. The work, which were carried out by the company Sorigué, used a C60B5 REJUV-type emulsion that is manufactured by Repsol in the Cartagena plant.

The existing road surface, which was clearly aged, was a hot mix that had a high level of cracking along the length of the road, as well as potholes in some areas, as can be seen in the photo to the left. Even though this material in bad condition, it was successfully recycled using the cold recycling technique with a bituminous emulsion. As well as recycling old material, this technique can be used "on-site," which leads to savings as the material does not need to be transported to an asphalt plant. Furthermore, the emulsion is applied at ambient temperature, which makes the process more environmentally friendly.

The road surface to be recycled was analyzed by the Asphalts Lab at the Repsol Technology Center before designing the most suitable formula for the work within the RE1 recycling type.

The binder analyzed showed considerable wear, making it necessary to develop a specific emulsion to rejuvenate the binder of the recycled mix.

The recycled cold mix showed fabulous performance in testing, with a resistance value suitable for all traffic categories, in accordance with Article 20 of Technical Specification PG-4.