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Repsol participates in the laying of the runway screed at Villanubla Air Base, Valladolid

airbase runway

In August and September, REPSOL was the supplier of INFRAESTRUCTURAS CONELSAN at the works for rehabilitating the runway and taxiways at Villanubla Air Base (Valladolid), awarded by AENA.

The runway has a length of 3 km and a width of 45 meters. Additionally, 1.5 km of 24-meter-wide taxiways were rehabilitated.

Repsol supplied the conventional and modified bitumens used in intermediate layers and wearing courses of the runway and taxiways.

For the intermediate layer of the runway, B 50/70 bitumen was used to hot manufacture an AC-22BIN-type mixture. However, the wearing course is subject to various requirements that require the use of high-quality bitumen products that must meet the heavier demands to which they are exposed. Therefore, a BBTM 11A-type hot mixture with PMB45/80-65 polymers and cellulose fibers was used for this runway.

By means of a reticulation process, Repsol technology gives the modified bitumens a microscopically homogeneous structure , guaranteeing their stability during storage and enabling the manufacture of bitumen mixtures with a wider range of mechanical and functional characteristics. This makes it possible to adapt the surfaces to the heavier demands to which they are exposed.

Therefore, the use of these binders in the bitumen mixtures is key on this type of road , since they must have greater resistance to plastic deformations, offer greater cohesion and adhesiveness to the aggregates, and have a wide service temperature interval. REPSOL has developed a complete range of polymer-modified bitumens.

Furthermore, B 50/70 conventional bitumen has been supplied for its subsequent in situ modification with rubber to manufacture a BBTM 16A-type mixture used to repair taxiways.