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The CTDI funds an R+D+i project from Repsol Asphalts

The Ministry of the Economy, Industry, and Competitiveness has awarded funding to an R+D+i project from Repsol's Lubricants and Specialized Products Business through the Center for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) as part of the call for proposals for “Research and Development Projects in Cooperation.”

The project, titled “Ultra-thin bituminous mixtures: ASFALTHIN,” with a total budget close to one million euros and funded by a partially repayable grant, was presented in partnership with two manufacturers of bituminous mixtures: PADECASA, located in Madrid, and CAMPEZO, located in the Basque Country.

Over the course of its development, the project will build relationships between partners and regular customers while also strengthening the business's technical ability to address innovative topics in the market.

The project will carried out in partnership with the Asphalts Laboratory at the Technology Center.

Within the project, RLESA's activity will be mostly focused on developing binders suitable for manufacturing a type of bituminous mixture that can be applied it cases of reduced thicknesses, providing features that are very favorable for the preservation and maintenance of the wearing course of the road surface.

The development of these special binders will make it possible to expand the product catalog of the Asphalts Business Line.