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Asphalts news

Participation of Repsol in the First National Asphalt Pavements Conference, organized by the Latin American Institute for Road Research and Studies (ILIEV)

The First National Asphalt Pavements Conference was held in Peru on October 13-14th, 2015. The conference was organized by ILIEV (Latin American Institute for Road Research and Studies) and sponsored, inter alia, by Repsol.
ILIEV is a scientific, technical, and academic not-for-profit organization aimed at developing and promoting research activities, study, assessment, coordination, dissemination and development of technical projects in the transportation and communication sector.
This Conference focused on the latest developments and current experiences in asphalts and featured keynote speeches by highly-qualified and prestigious sector technicians from Latin America and Spain, including Repsol's Director of Asphalts, Alberto Bardesi, who participated with two topics of contemporary interest, "Perpetual Pavements" and "Use of Recycled Materials from Other Industries in Bituminous Mixtures."