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Technical Seminar on "Bituminous Binders and Cold Solutions"

On November 10th, the Technical Seminar on "Bituminous Binders and Cold Solutions", was held at the University of Algarve, organized in conjunction with its Civil Engineering department. 
The Seminar was attended by contractor companies, involving their technical teams, and councilmen/women representing the municipalities of the region.
The Seminar was aimed mainly at disclosing the range of Repsol's bituminous products (modified bitumens and bituminous emulsions) and their applications, in addition to the most recent technical innovations developed by the Repsol Technology Center, such as the Recofal range of synthetic binders, namely Recofal S-100 in pellet format, among others.
The Seminar was also a platform for promoting cross-selling with the presentation of the most representative lubricants for the entire segment.
Based on the success of this event and for the purpose of developing closer relations its customers, Repsol will spread these types of seminar to other parts of Portugal.