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Asphalts news

Technical Seminar on Bituminous Paving Technologies at the School of Civil Engineering in Ciudad Real

On October 14th, 2015, a technical seminar on "Bituminous Paving Technologies" took place at the Main Hall of the Polythechnic building of the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM). The event, organized by the School of Civil Engineering in Ciudad Real, was delivered by our colleague Francisco José Lucas, head of Technical Assistance and Development for Asphalts at Repsol.
During the seminar, the students had the opportunity to study in-depth the different types of bitumens, modified bitumens, emulsions, their applications, and latest paving technologies.
The seminar took place at the same time that the Ciudad Real Campus enjoyed the presence of Fundación Repsol's El mundo de la ENERGÍA ¿Sabías que…? mobile classroom, (in Spanish, "The world of ENERGY: Did you know...?"). This is an initiative aimed at contributing to the educational, environmental, and cultural development of society, as well as fostering an interest for science and environmental respect among youth. Its main objective is to disseminate the activities carried out at refineries and petrochemical plants, the use of oil and its derivatives, and how bring the concept of energy efficiency closer to society.