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Lubricants, Asphalts, and Specialized Products – Resurfacing facilities

Repsol products used on the taxiway at Santiago de Compostela airport

  • The Santiago de Compostela airport has resurfaced its taxiway, which airplanes use to travel to and from the runway, with our modified bitumen products, emulsions, bitumen, and binders.
View of the resurfacing work at the Santiago de Compostela airport.

The materials used to repair the taxiways at the airport were manufactured at our centers in Rabade (Lugo), the A Coruña Refinery, and the binders plant in Gajano (Santander).

Our client, Francisco Gómez y CIA S.L., was awarded the contract to carry out the work by Aena Aeropuertos S.A., a task requiring products that meet the demands of the aeronautical sector, as well as those of an airport with highly complex weather conditions.

Technical characteristics

View of the resurfacing work at the Santiago de Compostela airport.
The work involved milling the old surface, a hot bitumen mix. The area was scarified and a granular material was added. In addition, it was protected with a bitumen emulsion primer. The surface was reinforced with a bitumen emulsion geocomposite tack coat. 16,000 metric tons of T5 hot bitumen mix (HBM) were manufactured, spread, and compacted in intermediate layers with conventional bitumen to create this asphalt surface. In addition 106,000 meters squared of T6 hot emulsion tack coat were applied to the surface course, as well as 8,500 metric tons of hot modified bitumen.