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Safety depends on all of us

  • The Spanish Association for asphalt mix producers (ASEFMA in Spanish) showed its commitment to SAFETY at the 13th National Event which took place on May 30th and 31st. For the first time at this type of event, the agenda included a speech dedicated to the use and safe delivery of bitumen.
13th National ASEFMA Event

With the slogan “The concept Asphalt 4.0 in response to the new challenges in mobility and sustainability”, ASEFMA brought together a number of the sector’s companies to discuss issues related to digital transformation throughout the entire surfacing process, from the project stage to production, transportation, and finally surfacing, as well as quality control and use.

The event took place in seven sessions, with one of these dedicated to “Current examples of developments in the sector and challenges we are facing”. This session dealt with current initiatives related to the safety of workers during bitumen supply operations.

Bitumen is delivered warm which brings with it certain risks, as discussed by Carlos López Estebaranz, Asphalts Operations Manager at Repsol. Besides the main risks during bitumen transportation and loading, there are other issues such as the applicable laws during loading, Eurobitume recommendations, prevention measures, most frequent incidents, and lessons learned from them.

Improving safety depends on us all, and being able to share experiences, actions, and initiatives for safe transportation in a forum like the national ASEFMA event helps us to advance our commitment to safety culture.