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Special binders
  • The best solutions with our special binders

    We work with an excellence model based on customer and employee satisfaction, and a positive impact on society. We are concerned about implementing a policy of quality assurance in accordance with the demands around us, making it possible to sell the best special binders on the market.
PMB 45/80 75F High-Performance Modified Bitumen

PMB 45/80 75F high-performance modified bitumen

A binder which in mixture far exceeds traditional modified bitumens, providing greater cohesion and making it possible to obtain more critical granulometric structures and greater resistance to plastic deformation.
MPB 45/80 75AV High-Viscosity Modified Bitumen

PMB 45/80 75AV high-viscosity modified bitumen

Designed for mixtures resistant to the propagation of cracks. The high quality and technical value of PMB 45/80-75 AV make it possible to minimize maintenance, prolong the life of the surface, and achieve greater savings on costs.
Bitumens with end of life crumb rubber (PNFU)

Crumb rubber modified bitumens (CRMB)

We have developed our own technology to use rubber from end of life tires that improves the performance of the bitumens, reducing environmental impact.
Low-temperature bitumens

Low-temperature bitumens

This range of products, due to their lower manufacturing temperature between 68° and 104°F (20°-40°C), offers:

  • Reduction of atmospheric emissions
  • Energy efficiency
  • Improved working conditions
Activated bitumens

Activated bitumens

With certain types of aggregates there can be adhesiveness problems. We have developed a broad range of additives which, together with a selection of the most adequate bitumens, guarantees reliable aggregate-binder performance in mixture.
Multigrade bitumen

Multigrade bitumen

Has lower thermal susceptibility than conventional bitumens and is the most adequate according to the different summer thermal zones established in Spanish legislation, being very suitable for roads exposed to extreme service temperatures and thermal gradients.
Pigmentable Synthetic Binders

Pigmentable synthetic binders

These binders make it possible to achieve pavings in a wide range of colors or be used without pigment. They are applied as paving in parks and gardens, bike and bus lanes, pedestrian areas, etc.
Fuel-Resistant Bitumen

Fuel-resistant bitumen

Specially designed to manufacture mixtures that are applied in zones with frequent fuel and lubricant leakoff: airport zones, bus lanes, parking areas or service stations, among others.
Special bitumens for Recycling

Special bitumens for recycling

Aware of the improvements offered by recycling techniques in the economic, social, and environmental sphere, we have developed a range of bitumens with rejuvenators to optimize current techniques for regenerating aged surface layers.
Recofal S-100P

Recofal S-100P

This high-performance pigmentable synthetic binder is used in the manufacture of pigmentable hot mixtures. Its granular pellet format allows direct dosage into the kneading machine of the mixtures manufacturing plant, in addition to handling and storage in the solid state at ambient temperature.
High-modulus bitumens to extend the durability of the surface applied in the repair of runways at the Madrid Adolfo Suárez-Barajas Airport

High-modulus bitumens to extend the durability of the surface applied in the repair of runways at the Madrid Adolfo Suárez-Barajas Airport

Given the unique nature of airport infrastructure in terms of the difficulty of performing construction work due to the air traffic activity, the structure of the surface of the bituminous packet in its design was designed to include the application of mixtures capable of providing two required aspects: durability and safety.
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