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A range of fuels for all types of aircraft

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We offer exclusive benefits for you to get the most out of the fuel. From training and advice to in-plane services and a free supply drum collection service. Check out all the available benefits when buying our products. You will have much more than just quality for your aircraft engines.
  • JP-8, our military aviation fuel

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The highest quality to comply with regulations

JP-8 is a fuel derived from kerosene with a density within the range of 0.775-0.840 kg/L and a freezing point of -47ºC. This product must meet the MIL-DTL-83133 specification, which stipulates that during its manufacture, CI/LI (corrosion inhibitor/lubricity improver), FSII (fuel system icing inhibitor) and an SDA (static dissipater additive) additive will be added. In addition, according to this specification, the JP-8 may contain an AO (antioxidant) or MDA (metal deactivator) additive. 

Our commitment to quality guarantees you a pure fuel without traces of water, microbiological contamination, solid particles, or other products.

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