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Innovation and the environment

Innovation and environment

New technology. More sustainable.

Development is something that is very important to us and to every company, but it must go hand-in-hand with our commitment to the environment.

Constant innovation, one of our objectives

Constant innovation, one of our objectives
At Repsol Aviation we have collaborated with VELCON in developing the VCA device (Velcon Contaminant Analyzer), and in Europe, we are the exclusive testers of its operation. This is an important contribution to the technology used in Aviation and demonstrates our commitment to innovation.
It is a device that provides instantaneous and average values of water and solid particles present in the fuel, given that the VCA is located in the output pipe after the filter.
Repsol has been carrying out field tests of the VCA exclusively in the Europe market to assess the proper operation of the device. To do so, we performed various tests, comparing the results obtained with other measuring devices in order to verify the accuracy of the VCA. This was achieved by installing it in one of the refueling units that operates at Gerona airport.

Collecting used drums, a gesture towards the environment

Collecting used drums, a gesture towards the environment
Repsol Aviation has developed a new sales channel for the supply of aviation gasoline AVGAS 100 LL through the distribution of this product packaged in drums. For Repsol, ensuring the quality of the product provided to our customers is essential. To do so, the marketing of AVGAS 100 LL is done in new single-use, aviation specific, approved and sealed drums.
Our commitment to the environment is proven by the collection service of used drums for their treatmentas waste at no cost to the customer. This environmentally friendly gesture is a way of proving that the connection between quality and reduced environmental impact is a challenge on which we will continue to work and which will result in a better service for those who rely on us. 
In addition to the above, we provide flexibility to our customers when it is necessary to provide the product outside airports. Plus, with the AVGAS 100 LL drums, no special maintenance of stored fuel is needed as long as the drum is sealed.
Finally, we provide our customers with a manual, "Basic Instructions for Aircraft Operations and Supply with AVGAS 100 LL Drums in Private Facilities."