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Jet A-1

Photo from behind an aircraft sitting on a runway
Photo of an aircraft wing

The best fuel for the most modern aircraft

  • It increases flight autonomy by decreasing the fuel load, thanks to its enormous heat output.
  • It has high resistance to cold. It avoids crystallization that aircraft can suffer at the highest altitudes of the flight.
  • Thermal and storage stability, which prevents deterioration of the engine and fuel.

Better use and handling of Jet A-1 with our drums

For orders of more than eight drums, the used drums will be collected from your facilities at no additional cost.

We provide durable single-use drums, sealed, specific for aviation, and certified according to the ISO 9001 standard.
Our drums maintain the fuel's qualities in perfect condition for a year.
We reduce costs by eliminating transport, access and filling fees, and airport access insurance, which allows us to offer very competitive prices.
We provide you with aviation fuel wherever you need it. Your supply will be flexible and not dependent on airport supply.
The drums do not require special conservation or maintenance during storage, provided they are sealed.
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