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Chemicals and you

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  • Chemicals and you

    From prevention to recovery and diagnosis, Repsol Chemicals is always there to lend a helping hand.

    We do our best to stay healthy, but sometimes a visit to the doctor is simply inevitable. Whether you consult a physician or a pediatrician, you’ll be interested to know that yet another specialist is helping them take care of you: plastic.

  • Plastic recycling: the beginning of a more sustainable life

    At Repsol we are working towards a future without waste, setting ourselves new challenges that will be essential in the new circular economy.
Chemicals' contributions to society

Chemicals' contributions to society

We are present in your everyday life, caring for your safety and well-being.

Our objective, through technology and responsibility is the development of all that helps us live with greater comfort. We ae not only involved in the development of energy, but also in the raw materials of many objects of our daily life. In our homes, in transport, at our schools, in sports….in all those useful items. We are there!

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Useful tools for teachers and students

Primary school
Video “In everything” (video without audio so you can put your own words to it when you show students)
Secondary school
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Chemicals in your everyday life

When you build your future, there are many points to consider. And petrochemicals is are in all those points that help us live better.

In your day-to-day life
In your house
In your office
In sports
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In everything that touches you

We are in your gels and shampoos, in your cosmetics, in your toothbrush, your hairdryer, in the pipes that bring you water...
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In everything that makes your life safer, more comfortable and economical

A five-bedroom house with thermal insulation in walls and ceilings can save 800 litres of fuel per year, and helps to reduce emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere.
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In everything that helps you work

We are in your computer, in your phone, in your chair, in the desk you work at, in your internet connections, in the electronic storage devices you use... When you build your future, there are many points to consider. And petrochemicals are is in all those points that help us live better.
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In everything that makes the sports more enjoyable

We are in your sports shoes, in your sports clothes, in racquets, in the goal mouths, in the grass, in the protections: knee pads, shin guards……
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Repsol products offer all kinds of possibilities

There are chemicals in many more things than you think. Why not explore our products?
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