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Industry segments

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We offer a huge range of products to help you improve yours.
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Automotive industry

Non-stop innovation and technology
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Well-being and consumer products

We pay special attention to consumer trends and their well-being. We make sure we listen to people to improve their day-to-day life.
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Building and infrastructure

Sustainability relies on chemicals. We offer solutions for developments on a global scale.
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Make it appealing. Packaging and the decision to buy.
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Why do some syrups taste nice?
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Making your house a home. We work to make your home more comfortable and easier to maintain.
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3D Printing

Did you know that polypropylene brings many advantages for 3D printing? Its lightness allows for greater weight reduction compared to other materials, and its exceptional mechanical properties make it a great solution for automotive, prosthetics, orthopedics, toys, and more.
New circular packaging solutions for the BIO dairy sector

Chemicals News

Find out the latest about Repsol Chemicals and the sector as a whole.
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