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An important player in the Spanish electricity market

Repsol has established itself as a global multi-energy provider and major player in the Spanish electricity and natural gas sector, thanks to its low-emissions assets with a capacity of 2,350 megawatts (MW) and a portfolio of approximately 750,000 customers. 

What are our low-emissions assets?

Three hydropower plant clusters with a capacity of 700 MW located in the north of Spain
Two combined cycle gas plants with a capacity of 1,650 MW in Algeciras, Cádiz and Escatrón, Zaragoza in Spain
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Strengthening our operations as a multi-energy provider

As part of our 2020 strategic update, we are anticipating major trends like the increase in electricity demand and the key role gas will play in the energy transition.

That's why our commercial offer now includes the supply of electricity and gas, which marks a fundamental milestone in fulfilling our roadmap.


What do we offer our customers?

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    We offer advice on what you truly need so that you see a difference in your bills.
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    Competitive pricing

    We have competitive and transparent pricing adapted to all your needs.
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    Clean energy

    You'll enjoy electricty generated by low-emissions energy sources.
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    Comprehensive solutions

    We offer you more efficient energy solutions.
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    Backed by our extensive track record in the energy market sector.

We help you save with a wide range of rates depending on your consumption