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Green fuel-grade petcoke

Maximum power for your industrial machinery

Thanks to our extensive experience in the sector and our R&D department we are leaders in the marketing and production of petcoke.
More energy with less combustion due to its high calorific value.
Easy to transport and handle, achieving savings in logistics costs.
A competitive alternative to coal and natural gas, getting better a performance from your industry.
It avoids excess ash thanks to the internal specifications of the crudes that are processed.

And you can also enjoy these benefits

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    Technical assistance

    A technician will come to your facilities, analyze the product, and set some guidelines to follow in search of a solution.
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    We offer you the widest distribution network and with the greatest national presence; you only have to take care of your business.
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    We advise you on safety, quality, environment and waste management, and soil decontamination.
  • How do we produce green fuel-grade petcoke?

Coke quality

Depending on the crude processed by the refinery we obtain a coke with different characteristics. To determine its quality, we use the following data as a reference:
  • 0.6%


    Maximum weight

  • 15%


    Maximum weight

  • 7%


    Maximum weight

  • 40



  • 90



  • 8,000

    PCS Kcal./kg


European leaders in the production and marketing of coke

Our production centers are strategically located to guarantee supply throughout Spain.
  • Photo of Coruña coke production center


    Produces 415,000 t/year of fuel-grade petcoke and has a refinery storage capacity of 12,000 t. It supports ships of up to 22,000 t and its loading method is by mobile crane.
  • Photo Puertollano coke production center


    Has a production capacity of 450,000 t/year and a refinery storage capacity of 40,000 t. It has a new automatic opening and closing system at the bottom of the production chambers.
  • Photo Cartagena coke production center


    Produces 1,200,000 t/year, has 70,000 t of refinery storage capacity and 90,000 t in port. It can support ships of up to 60,000 t and its loading method is by mobile crane.
  • Photo Bilbao coke production center


    Has a production capacity of 750,000 t/year of fuel-grade petcoke and a refinery storage capacity of 10.00 t and 20,000 t in port. Its loading method is via belt.

Compare the different characteristics in the production and distribution of coke in our four refineries.

Types of industries that use Green Fuel-grade Petcoke

  • Aerial view of the facilities of an industrial complex


  • Photo of ceramic plates in a factory


  • Power lines


Do you need more information?

We will be happy to answer all your doubts and queries about coke. You can also contact your nearest distributor.