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Gama de lubricantes Repsol

Our full Repsol lubricants range

We formulated a wide range of the highest-quality oils using the most cutting-edge technology to adapt to the needs of all our customers.

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The Repsol team's Dakar car

Repsol lubricants for cars

These lubricants have been formulated using the most cutting-edge technology for the most demanding engines. They offer the best performance in terms of protection and efficiency and have been endorsed by the major car manufacturers.
Álex Márquez racing on his motorbike on the track

Repsol lubricants for motorcycles

Repsol lubricants are the best choice for your motorcycle as they are the highest-quality products possible.
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Marc Marquez riding his Repsol Honda Team MotoGP bike

How are MotoGP fuels and lubricants developed?

20 engineers, more than 100,000 hours of work, 50 different fuels, and 400 computer simulations are just some of the figures that demonstrate the Repsol team's dedication and effort in creating these products.