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Lubricant production

Top cutting-edge technology to manufacture the most advanced lubricants

From Spain to India, passing through Japan or Peru, Repsol's lubricant production plants supply more than 70 countries and ensure that our products meet the most demanding quality standards.

Our production plants

At Repsol, we have production plants located around the world that contribute to the global supply of lubricants, where there is an ever-growing demand. The main lubricants manufactured by our plants are associated with the following three lines: 

  • Automotive oils: used to lubricate all the moving parts of motor vehicles and transmissions, following one of our company's values: technological innovation. Our products comply with the most demanding quality standards and guidelines. 
  • Industrial oils: at Repsol, we have the widest range of oils that meet the needs of all types of machines and applications: turbines, compressors, gears, hydraulics, for power transmission or remote movements, metal lamination, shock absorbers, refrigerating machines, guides and machine tools, dielectric oils for transformers, etc. 
  • Marine oils: oils intended for lubricating large diesel engines of ships and that are specially adapted to the fuels used in these engines. 

In addition to producing oils, our plants also provide other services that are essential to be able to supply them: 

  • Storage: all of our plants have tanks for storing mineral and synthetic oils, additives, and finished oils. 
  • Quality control: we have facilities that analyze the raw materials, the intermediate products and, of course, the finished products prior to sale in order to ensure they fulfill the most stringent requirements.

Map of our production and packaging plants

We have lubricant production and packaging plants all over the world: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Indonesia, Japan, Peru, Malaysia, China, Russia, Brazil, Ecuador, the United Arab Emirates, and India.

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