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Industry segments

Containers and packaging
Wood and board

Aerosols industry

We develop and market petroleum-based liquefied gases with a high degree of purity. They are composed of C3-C4 hydrocarbons and selected mixtures of these two. They also provide an alternative to damaging CFCs, resulting in zero damage to the ozone layer and the environment.

Agriculture industry

Semi-refined paraffin, designed for manufacturing anti-caking agents or water repelling products for fertilizers and other products for direct application.

Cables industry

We use synthetic and mineral raw materials to produce compounds to fill and protect various types of cables, for use in telecommunications, electrical installations, and for traction.

Download the cable compounds catalog |PDF|2.3 MB


Candles industry

One of the main markets for the waxes and paraffins that we sell is the candles industry. Our waxes and paraffins have been designed to burn better for longer, with a more pleasant color and less smoke.
Industria química

Chemicals industry

Many of the compounds that we produce are used to create products that form part of our everyday lives, such as waxes, propellants, and plenty of others that ensure a top-quality final product.

Construction industry

From base lubricants and paraffin emulsions, used as releasing agents and to protect walls from graffiti, to process oils that aid in the dispersion of the components of asphalt.
Envase y embalaje

Containers and packaging industry

Our waxes and paraffins are applied to paper and cardboard to give them greater strength, luster, and flexibility, and also to act as a barrier against humidity. This is especially important for food preservation and transportation.

Ink industry

A broad range of our waxes, solvents, and vaselines are used to manufacture inks. Our ability to adapt and innovate enables us to develop versatile products that satisfy the most demanding needs.

Lubricants industry

Base lubricants are the essential raw material for producing lubricants, along with additives that improve their detergent, anti-oxidation, and anti-corrosion properties, among others. In our catalog you will find a wide range of lubricant base oils as well as white oils for contact with foodstuffs.
Industria del caucho

Rubber industry

This industry manufactures a wide variety of products, from tires to footwear, pipes, cables, etc. Our compounds aid the manufacturing process in various ways, for example anti-ozone waxes or process oils that facilitate rubber production.

Textiles industry

There are a number of uses for waxes and paraffins in the textiles industry, for example to waterproof fabrics or give them a more decorative finish.

Madera y tablero

Wood and board industry

Waxes and paraffins are essential to the timber industry today, especially for manufacturing chipboard. They are used as water repellents and board waterproofing agents.
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Product ranges

Cable compounds
Petroleum jellies

Our cable compounds

We sell a broad range of compounds made from mineral and synthetic raw materials of different kinds as filler and protection for telecommunication, electrical, and traction cables.

Download the cable compounds catalog |PDF|2.3 MB


Our aqueous emulsions

We produce a range of aqueous emulsions with different properties. Their use ranges from paper and cardboard packaging for the food industry to the textile, particleboard, and construction industries.

Our propellants / liquefied gases

These products are properly treated via high pressure hydrogenation; they are purified and deodorized to comply with regulations and meet our customers' needs.

Our oils

Top-quality compounds for a wide variety of applications: tires, dyes, asphalts, cables, and more, all produced thanks to the highly specialized processes of our refineries.

Our petroleum jellies

We produce a range of petroleum jellies for industrial use that stand out for the stability of their properties and their excellent quality.

Our wax and paraffin specialties

These products are used in various sectors and have many applications, such as tires, paper and cardboard containers, and process aids for plastic.

Our sulfurs

We produce both industrial and agricultural sulfur in different forms, ranging from "cakes" and "prills," which are small beads, to micronized sulfur.

Our general purpose waxes and paraffins

We produce and sell paraffins produced in our own refineries and offer a catalogue adapted to different sectors.

Promoting innovation by anticipating a better future

The Repsol Technology Lab is Europe's leading developer of innovative solutions. Our specialized products harness this potential for innovation to anticipate the needs of customers like you. In addition to our products, we also provide technical support to bring added value to your business.

Committed to efficient, environmentally-friendly production centers

Our conversion rate is one of the highest in Europe, allowing us to produce more top-quality products from the same amount of crude oil. What's more, at Repsol we not only comply with current regulations, we go one step further to minimize the environmental impact of our activity.

Specialized products customer service and commercial network

Our broad network of specialized products experts at our corporate headquarters in Madrid are ready to assist you place your order with the greatest ease and convenience. Contact us by email: