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Operator working at one of Repsol's facilities in Brazil.
Brazil is the fifth-largest country in the world and in economic terms, it is the largest economy in Latin America. In this way the energy industry has been a positive contribution, thanks to the oil and natural gas reserves that are considered the second largest in the continent. It borders every country of the continent except Ecuador and Chile, and its 7,491-kilometer coastline borders the Atlantic Ocean.

Our operations in Brazil

We arrived in Brazil in 1997 as one of the first companies to address the technological and operational challenges in the area. Since 2010, we have been developing our consortium Repsol Sinopec Brasil, and today we are the 4th largest producer of oil and gas in the country. Over the last two decades we have participated in the entire oil and gas value chain, in addition to the importing, sales, and distribution of basic oils and petrochemical products.

We also sell and distribute lubricants through our subsidiary in the country.


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    82,741 barrels oil equivalent / day of average production

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    2.781 million cubic meters per day of average gas production

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    3,655 km2 of total surface area

Detalle sobre actividades de exploración, producción y desarrollo de Repsol en Brasil

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Sinopec and Repsol exploration activities

Pão de Açúcar, Seat, and Gávea

We have been in charge of the assessment campaign for Block BM-C-33 in the Campos basin. In terms of operators, we’ve made the Pan de azúcar, Seat, and Gávea discoveries. This is one of the most promising areas for gas production in the Brazilian pre-salt with recoverable volumes superior to 1 billion boe. This area is considered challenging, with its reservoirs at a depth of some 3,000 meters. The project is currently in the development and assessment phase, with in-depth studies of the field being carried out. Today the asset is operated by Equinor (35%) with Repsol Sinopec (35%) and Petrobras (30%) as partners.

Sapinhoá and Lapa

We are part of the consortium with rights to block BM-S-9, containing the Sapinhoá and Lapa fields in the Santos basin pre-salt. Exploration activities in the area of Block BM-S-9 began in the ‘70s and in 2013 production began on Sapinhoá. Two stationary production units are active at this asset: the FPSO Ciudad de São Paulo and the FPSO Ciudad de Ilhabela. Sapinhoá is currently the third largest oil and gas producing field in Brazil and the FPSO Ciudad de Ilhabela is ranked third nationwide in oil production according data from the ANP (Brazil’s National Petroleum Agency). The Sapinhoá consortium is operated by Petrobras (45%) with Repsol Sinopec (25%) and Shell (30%) as partners. The Lapa asset entered production relatively recently, in December 2016, and today ranks ninth in production among pre-salt oil and gas fields in Brazil. The FPSO Ciudad de Caraguatatuba is the production unit active in the field with a processing capacity of 100,000 boe/day. Total (35%), the asset’s operating company, works with Repsol Sinopec (25%), Shell (30%), and Petrobras (10%).

Albacora Leste

Albacora Leste was Repsol Sinopec’s first field in Brazil. The early field production began in June 1998, and we have been part of the consortium since 2000 and are currently investing in new technologies to maximize our recovery factor from the field, always keeping safety and sustainability as our top priorities. Located in the Campos basin, this asset is operated by Petrobras (90%) with Repsol Sinopec holding the other 10%.


Located in the Santos basin pre-salt, the Sagitário discovery is in the exploration/assessment phase and is considered one of Repsol’s most important futures assets worldwide. We hold a stake in this consortium with Petrobras (operator, 60%) and Shell (20%).


We’ve had this exploratory block since October 2017. It is located in the waters of the Espirito Santo basin and has been adjudicated by Brazil’s National Petroleum Agency.

Our Downstream activity

We are developing lubricants and other distribution specialties in response to more demanding quality regulations set by international organisms and engine manufacturers who test, utilize and recommend our products. We have a wide range of products for the automobile, industrial, and marine sectors, among others, that are distributed throughout different regions of the country.
  • Committed to growth

    At Repsol, we aim to reinforce our social commitment by launching programs related to education and professional training as well as environmental conservation.
The soccer team from the Academia Pérolas Negras

Academia Pérolas Negras

The Pérolas Negras Academy is much more than a soccer team. It is a high-performance education, entrepreneurship, and sports project that welcomes refugees and young Brazilians living in communities and peripheries, preparing them for the playing field and life.
The Repsol Sinopec educational platform official truck.

The Repsol Sinopec Educational Platform

The Educational Platform was held for 10 years as a volunteer program (not conditioned to operational licenses) dedicated to the socio-economic development of the coastal communities in the states of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and Espírito Santo. The members of these communities could attend talks about environmental education and safety, as well as courses designed especially for the fishing community, such as "Safety at Sea," "Fish Processing," "MAREM - Environmental Mapping for Emergency Response at Sea," and the activity "Education like the Environmental Tarot Reading and Understanding Garbage," everything in a mobile classroom-truck.

Brazil in photos

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