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Peru is a key country in the region in terms of energy, and it has strengthened its exploration, production, and marketing capacity in recent years. The South Pacific surrounds the country's coastline, and it shares land borders with Ecuador and Colombia in the north, Chile in the south, Bolivia in the southeast, and Brazil in the east.

Our activity in Peru

Our story in Peru began in 1996, and we currently develop exploration, production, and marketing activities in the country, in addition to the production of natural gas and associated liquids in the Amazon rainforest in the region of Cusco. We are also the operators of the La Pampilla refinery — the largest in the country and one of the most important in Latin America. Additionally, we have an extensive and modern network of service stations where we sell and distribute fuels in the main cities, to industrial customers, and for large-scale mining operations.


Our Upstream operations

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    5 million oil barrels

  • 13 million barrels of oil equivalent in gas production

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    292 km2 of total surface area


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The Kinteroni and Sagari Fields, Lot 57

Repsol is the operator of lot 57, located in the Amazonian region of Cusco, where we hold a 53.84% stake. We discovered the Kinteroni Field in 2008 and started to produce natural gas and associated liquids in 2014. In 2012, we discovered the Sagari gas field in the same area, where production began in 2017.

Lots 56 and 88  Camisea Consortium

With a 10% working interest in both lots, the natural gas and associated liquids produced in the Camisea Consortium's lots 56 and 88 is processed in the Malvinas and Pisco plants to supply the local and export markets.

Lot 103

We hold full rights to carry out exploratory work in this area, located in the region of San Martín.

Our Downstream operations

La Pampilla Refinery
Fuels for businesses and companies
Service stations

La Pampilla Refinery

Since 1996, we have been the operators of the La Pampilla refinery located in the district of Ventanilla, Callao. It is the largest refinery in the country with a distilling capacity of 117 thousand barrels per day, which represents over half of the country's refining capacity.


We develop lubricants and specialized products, and have a wide range of products for the automobile, industrial, marine, grease, motorcycle, and nautical sectors that are distributed in different regions of the country.

Fuels for businesses and companies

We offer liquid fuels for specialized industries such as mining, with processes that are adapted to each industry and include transport, storage, distribution, and supply management operations.


We supply aviation fuel at the Jorge Chávez International Airport in Callao.
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We offer asphalt cements, liquid asphalts, and asphalt emulsions that comply with the highest quality standards and are manufactured in the La Pampilla refinery.
Inside a shop at a Repsol service station

Service stations

We have more than 500 service stations located in the country's main cities, some of which we run ourselves, while others are run by third parties.

In line with the Company’s Strategic Plan, which includes the profitable expansion of the businesses, Repsol has strengthened its commercial presence in Peru with the acquisition of Puma Energy. This agreement will lead to a 10% increase in sales in the country by expanding our network of service stations and direct customers.

  • Committed to growth

We have initiated several social programs and activities in Peru aimed at improving the living conditions of the most disadvantaged groups. We are committed to improving health and education in the community through social inclusion and productive development. In addition, we firmly believe in the importance of pursuing environmental, economic, and social sustainability in our work.

Nature's treasures

We carried out a joint study with Peru's National Service for Natural Areas Protected by the State (SERNANP) in order to spread knowledge about the natural and cultural value of Vilacamba (Bajo Urubamba).

Machiguenga, a reserve for everyone to enjoy.

As part of our work to protect the environment, we have drafted a publication to raise awareness of the biological diversity and ecosystem services of Lot 57. Publication created together with Peru's National Service for Natural Areas Protected by the State (SERNANP).

"Recycling to help" program

We donated non-hazardous waste from Lot 57 to ANIQUEM's (Association for children who have suffered burns) Reciclar para ayudar (Recycle to help) program, which helps pay for the pressure garments that are used to treat children with severe burns.

Fighting anemia

The Anemia Reduction Program is carried out by Fundación Repsol and the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to combat anemia in children under 5 living in the district of Ventanilla.
Repsol in Peru. People dancing on the street at sundown

Inclusive dance with Ángeles D1

We lend our support to a social recovery project that gives young people the chance to turn their love for dance and acrobatics into a profitable and exemplary activity. With the help of the famous ballet dancer Vania Masías, the students of the Ángeles D1 association put on performances that transmit positive values and messages.
Repsol in Peru. Woman wearing a Repsol cap

"Friendly Hands" Volunteers

The company's employees and their relatives have been helping out in schools, soup kitchens, and the wider community in their free time to build modular homes and carry out maintenance work in different institutions in the Ventanilla area.
Repsol in Peru


We contribute to sustainable development by consuming only the necessary resources and causing as little impact as possible on our surrounding environment.
Repsol in Peru

Sagari Project

An example of collaboration between the company and the Machiguenga and Ashaninka communities that posed a challenge and gave us the opportunity to develop a biodiversity protection plan in the Amazon rainforest.
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    Information updated on December 31st, 2020.