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Repsol as an investment

Fulfilling our Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan progress: Leading the energy transition

In spite of low oil and gas prices, we achieved all of the objectives outlined in our 2016-2020 Strategic Plan two years ahead of time. In December 2019, we presented the most recent edition of our strategy: lead the energy transition by taking on the commitment of becoming net zero emissions by 2050, in line with the Paris Agreement objective to limit global temperature rise by less than 2ºC.

2020 Resilience Plan: Bolstering our financial strength

During a year filled with financial challenges within a complex scenario, we have made sure to underpin our strengths as a global and integrated company in order to advance towards our single company objective.
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    Multi-energy, customer-focused supplier
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    Low emissions
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    Strong financial position and attractive shareholder remuneration

Main 2020 targets


€1 share

100% buyback


€2.9 B


Net debt

≤ €4.2 B



2.1 MtCO2 reduced from 2014 to 2020

3% IIC1 reduction compared to 2016

Low emissions

3.7 GW generation capacity


A company ready for the future

We devise our plans taking into account six key lines of action that enable us to continue focusing on sustainable development.
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    Climate change

    We want to be part of the solution to climate change
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    We consume the resources needed to generate power more efficiently and with the least possible impact
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    Innovation and technology

    We encourage innovation and incorporate technological advances to improve and grow ourselves and our environment
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    Safe and secure operation

    We guarantee the safety and security of our employees, contractors, partners, and local community
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    We are committed to people and promote their development and social environment
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    Ethics and transparency

    We act responsibly and in full wherever we are present