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Shareholders community

Advisory Committee

As shareholders, you are an essential pillar of our Company

That's why we have created this Committee, to go one step further in our aim to find out more about your opinions, proposals, and concerns.

What is the Advisory Committee?

It is an advisory body made up by you, our shareholders, that we formed at Repsol with the aim of ensuring that your opinion has an institutionalized and permanent presence within the Company's governance bodies.

What is its mission?

The nature of this committee is to serve as a means for Repsol to learn about your views and concerns first-hand. Its aim is to establish a line of communication to improve and achieve shared goals.

Who is on the committee?

12 shareholders selected by Repsol for a maximum term of three years. The Committee will also include permanent representation consisting of the Chairman, who will be a member of the Repsol Corporate Executive Committee, and the Deputy Chairman, who will be the Corporate Director of Finance and Investor Relations. Repsol is responsible for appointing the Secretary, who may or may not be a member of the Committee.

What are the requirements to become part of the Committee?

There are two essential requirements: you have been a member of the Repsol shareholders community for at least one year and own a minimum of 1,000 shares at the time of applying.

How can you become part of the Committee?

Any shareholder that meets the requirements may apply. Repsol will announce when we are accepting applications. These may be submitted by e-mail by attaching the application form, résumé, and cover letter.

Members of the Advisory Committee

  • Chairman

    Antonio Lorenzo is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). He has been Chairman of the Advisory Committee since July 26th, 2018.
  • Vice Chairman

    Ramón Álvarez-Pedrosa is Director of Investor Relations at Repsol. He has been Vice-Chairman of the Advisory Committee since June 20th, 2018.
  • Hugo Morales Navarro.


    Hugo Morales Navarro is Head of Corporate Governance at Repsol and has been Secretary of Repsol's Advisory Committee since June 1st, 2015.

Members and shareholders

  • Nicolás Bautista Valero de Bernabé

    Nicolás Bautista Valero de Bernabé

    Sr. Agricultural Engineer, Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, General Management Program (PDG) at IESE. He has extensive experience in business management and is currently retired.
  • Héctor González



    Advanced Design Studies, specialized in Interior Design. He is currently the Design and Communications Manager at Ezarri.
  • Enrique Lobato Pérez

    Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science with an MBA from the ESADE and a strong academic career. He currently runs his own holding company.
  • Verónica de Miguel Gallo

    Medical Director at Alnylam Spain. Bachelor's Degree in Medicine from the University of Navarra. PhD in Pharmacoeconomics from Complutense University of Madrid.
  • Josefina García Pedroviejo

    Josefina García Pedroviejo

    Law graduate with a Master’s Degree in International Law. She is an asset management and private banking manager at an international law firm.
  • Aitor Vega Pérez

    Aitor Vega Pérez

    Telecommunications Engineer from Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería de Bilbao (ETSIB, EHU-UPV). He currently works at the Telefónica National Center for Supervision and Operations.
  • Miguel Díaz Roldán

    Miguel Díaz Roldán

    Digital financial services specialist at the IFC and consulting partner at Finutive. Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Business from the Autonomous University of Madrid.
  • María Victoria Ocampo Mañas

    María Victoria Ocampo Mañas

    Lawyer specialized in tax, commercial, and bankruptcy law. Professor of commercial law and auditing. She runs the profesional office that she founded in 1986.
  • Pablo Porras Pedraza

    Pablo Porras Pedraza

    Syndicated loans at Banco Santander. Bachelor's Degree in Law and Business Administration from the Comillas Pontifical University in Madrid.
  • Valentín Álvarez Cortina

    Valentín Álvarez Cortina

    Mining and Energy Engineer, Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from IESE. He has over 35 years of international experience in exploration, production, engineering, oil & gas trading, and energy products.
  • Francisco Villalba Alcalá

    Francisco Villalba Alcalá

    Bachelor's Degree and PhD in Medicine. Physician at the Osuna Health Center. Head research coordinator for primary health care in the Osuna Health Management Department.
  • Javier Galindo Barragán

    Javier Galindo Barragán

    Mining Engineer with a Master's Degree in Petroleum Engineering. He works at Repsol and has been a shareholder since 2015.
Hands typing an e-mail on a laptop to send to the Advisory Committee Suggestions Mailbox.

A common space for everyone

Not only the agenda points established by the Chairman will be discussed at these meetings, but also those proposed by the shareholders.

Repsol has created a Suggestions Mailbox for this purpose, where shareholders can forward all their concerns and any topics to be discussed at the Committee meeting.

Send an e-mail to and make sure that your evaluations and opinions as a shareholder are represented and reach us.

Minutes and reports (Only available in Spanish)

Download the documents related to the Advisory Committee meetings