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Get exclusive benefits

By being part of Repsol en Acción, you'll gain access to exclusive benefits. Earn Travel Club points, get discounts on flights with Iberia, and take advantage of special discounts on your trips with Parador hotels and Rusticae.
  • Parador hotels

Shot of a lit up courtyard in a Parador hotel

Exclusive deal at Parador hotels

Just for being a Repsol en Acción member, you can get a discount off your stay at more than 90 Parador hotels and restaurants all over Spain. Thanks to this 15% discount you'll get as a community member, you'll have the chance to stay in some unique buildings located throughout 16 Spanish regions, as many of them are considered sites of Cultural Interest or are housed in natural areas in Spain.

Log in to your shareholders private area and take advantage of this discount.

  • Rusticae

Open hotel door with the Rusticae logo.

Discounts at boutique hotels

If you're a company shareholder, you have the chance to enjoy discounts at Rusticae — a boutique hotel quality club with more than 350 establishments. Traveling to a Rusticae hotel is synonym for quality, attention to detail, and personalized and professional treatment.

Repsol en Acción members get 10% off Rusticae gift cards, 25% off getaways Monday through Thursday, and a €10 gift card when signing up on Rusticae.

Visit the shareholders private area and start enjoying your Rusticae benefits.

  • Iberia

View of a sunset through the window of an Iberia plane.

Discounts on flights

Thanks to Iberia and for being a member of our shareholders community, you can get 5% off plane tickets. You just have to log in to your shareholders private area to take advantage of it.

Get your discount in your shareholders private area.