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Repsol Sustainability Day archive

Repsol Sustainability Day

Repsol Sustainability Day archive

Our aim with this event is for investors to learn how to adequately apply sustainability criteria at the operational level.

Sustainability Day 2018

The 5th edition of our Sustainability Day was held in London in November 2018. Investors had the chance to see for themselves the steps the Company is taking to face the challenge posed by the energy transition.

Sustainability Day 2017

At the event held in November 2017, we looked at the best practices in sustainability that we implement at our Company. Our aim is for investors to learn first hand how these practices are applied at the operational level. Disclosing our Sustainability Plans and actions provides the transparency we consider essential in our corporate policy.

Sustainability Day 2016

Every year since 2014 we have held Sustainability Day, an event that is designed specifically for investors that take into account ESG (environmental, social, and governance) criteria when making decisions.

Sustainability Day 2015

In April 2015, we presented the evaluation and audit of our partners and supply chain. Among other matters, aspects such as how we share our ethical and corporate concerns with our suppliers were discussed, in addition to how we conduct audits on our partners and contractors in order to ensure that they fulfill our Company's requirements. 
We also talked about our pilot project in Peru: test programs to define our corporate policy and how the biodiversity programs were developed and evaluation of the "Ecosystem Services Review" pilot project, in addition to how Repsol complies with human rights and the road transportation best practices applied in the LPG distribution business.
From a more technical viewpoint, matters such as the decision-making process before and during drilling activities were also addressed, including the process for designing and mitigating the risk of Repsol's wells and a case study that was a major success in the Canary Islands. 
If you missed our event and/or are interested in knowing what topics were discussed on Sustainability Day 2015, you can download the presentations given by our speakers here.

The process to guarantee a satisfactory level of compliance with our standards.

Audit, Control, and Compliance programs: the audit of our partners and contractors

Third party vessels risk assessment key for safety, pollution prevention and charterer’s reputation

Biodiversity programs and the pilot assessment of ecosystem services

Human Rights Impact Assessment Walking the talk

Best practices in LPG distribution ground transportation: material contribution to our safety indexes improvement

Repsol well design and risk mitigation processes, the case of HPHT Jaguar-1 well (Guyana)

Sandia-1X, Offshore Spain (Canary Islands): “Repsol's Management from a Sensitive Project into a Safe and Uneventful Operation”

Sustainability Day 2014

What about 2014? What issues were addressed on Sustainability Day? It was a day in which practical cases helped us show how projects are implemented at our Company.
The Bolivia case was explained in detail, a success story about the integration and execution of an efficient project from a technical and financial point of view. The Colombia case was also analyzed regarding how to put in practice the lessons learned with respect to our social license to operate. Given that sustainability and respect for the environment are the star themes of this event, one of the talks focuses on how Repsol has managed to reduce its CO2 emissions. 
Following the practical nature of the presentations, deepwater drilling practices were explained, in addition to how they have improved thanks to the Global Drilling Group, which establishes the well construction process and the manual, guidelines, and best practices that must be applied at Repsol. It also helps identify and assign human drilling resources and provides technical support for working in complex wells.

Exploration in COLOMBIA: Applying all the lessons learned in our social license to operate

Repsol CO2 Emission Reduction Strategy

The Caipiendi Project in Bolivia a successful case of integration

Deepwater drilling at Repsol