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Circular economy loop video

What is circular economy?

Circular economy is a new production and consumption model that ensures sustainable growth over time. With the circular economy, we can drive the optimization of resources, reduce the consumption of raw materials, and recover waste by recycling or giving it a second life as a new product. Moreover, this is one of the key pillars to achieve our ambition:  To become a net zero emissions company by 2050.
Linear economy diagram

Linear economy

In the former lineal model, waste is thrown away and not converted into new raw materials. This increases the consumption of natural resources, and that is not suitable for meeting the needs of modern day society”
Circular economy diagram

Circular economy

Circular models enable us to manage more sustainably all stages of the life cycle, extend the useful life of our products, and manage our waste more efficiently, where the reusing and recycling of materials prevail.

Circular economy at Repsol

As an integrated energy company, we can implement circular economy projects throughout our entire value chain, from obtaining raw materials to commercializing products and services. Our circular economy strategy is based on four key lines that have served as the basis for developing more than 230 initiatives.
  • Ecodesign
    From the product design phase, we apply criteria that allow us to minimize the consumption of raw materials during the manufacture of our products, extend their useful life, and increase the subsequent recycling of their components.
  • Process efficiency and innovation
    We optimize resources and processes so that waste has new uses, both in our production processes and in those of third parties.
  • Renewable energy and alternative raw materials
    We use renewable energy sources and alternative raw materials of residual origin to manufacture our products.
  • New consumption patterns
    We promote initiatives that prioritize rental over purchase of products to encourage more sustainable consumption.
230+ circular initiatives in 14 countries
200+ strategic partnerships
€50M+ in circular economy projects
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At the Repsol Technology Lab, we place technology at the service of the circular economy