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We jointly developed a collaboration commitment to energy transition alongside seven leading companies in the sector

Landscape or mountains covered in snow and a blue sky.

Our most ambitious climate change objectives

Intermediate targets for decarbonization in 2025, 2030, and 2040 in order to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

Increase low-carbon electricity generation capacity to 7.500 MW by 2025.

Expand to other markets to become a leading international player in renewable energy.

2025 Objective: reduce the intensity of methane emissions by 25% compared to 2017 and gas flaring by 50% compared to 2018 in operated assets.

A Repsol oil tanker at sea.

Assessing our participation in industry associations and initiatives

As part of our steadfast commitment to the decarbonization of the economy and the fight against climate change, at Repsol we conducted an internal assessment to ensure that all the associations and initiatives we take part in are aligned with the goals set out by the Paris Agreement and the five lines of action we integrated into our climate change strategy.
  • More than 25 years in the fight against climate change

    Our commitment to sustainability has been unwavering throughout the years, as we were the first company in the energy sector to support the Kyoto Protocol and the first to express the ambition of reducing its carbon intensity by 100% by 2050.

Toward a low-emissions future

We share society's concerns about the effects of human action on climate, which is why we strongly opt for an energy transition by boosting our renewable energy projects.

Open letter from the CEOs of the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative