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Climate change

Low-carbon businesses

Low-carbon businesses

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We are a global multienergy provider working to drive the evolution towards a new energy model that's more efficient and sustainable.

Our low-emissions projects

With the aim to reduce our carbon intensity indicator, we have continued to implement energy efficiency measures and increased our participation in renewable energy projects.

Digitalization at the service of sustainability

We now have one million customers in the Spanish electricity and gas market, and our solutions help reduce a home's environmental footprint thanks to efficiency and innovation.

  • More than 20 years incorporating biofuels into our motor fuels

    Some of our most noteworthy projects are the construction of the first advanced biofuels plant in Spain, in Cartagena, and the installation of a synthetic fuels plant in Bilbao. These are cutting-edge industrial initiatives, which we use to contribute to the development of a strong and sustainable industry.