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Climate change

New technological developments

New technological developments to reduce CO2 emissions

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Technology is one of the primary tools for stopping climate and we are certain that it is the driving force for boosting the energy transition, whose objective is to meet our energy needs without increasing CO2 emissions. In order to have neutral carbon intensity, it is not enough to just eliminate CO2 emissions, we also need technology capable of capturing and reusing it. This ensures we are more efficient and helps us find new ways of generating and consuming energy and creating products from waste.

We are currently exploring other technological alternatives that allow us to progress sustainably and in an orderly manner toward the energy transition: Carbon Capture, Use, and Storage (CCUS) technology, green hydrogen, and e-fuels. In the case that these methods were not sufficient, we would compensate for emissions through reforestation and other natural climate solutions for reaching net zero emissions by 2050.

Carbon Capture, Use, and Storage

Carbon Capture, Use, and Storage will play an important role in meeting the objective of limiting the average temperature increase of the planet to 2ºC by 2050. This technology is capable of substantially reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from fossil fuels, particularly in the electricity sector and industry. CCUS is also necessary for reducing emissions in sectors like steel, cement, aluminum, chemicals, and other industrial sectors where decarbonization is not currently an option.


  • Technological initiatives for promoting CCUS

    Oil and gas will continue to play an important role in the energy transition and CCUS will make it possible to reduce emissions in the electricity sector or other energy-intensive industries. We help develop these technologies as a member of the OGCI through the investments made by OGCI Climate Investments.
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Innovation for capturing, storing, and reducing CO2 emissions

We strongly believe that technology is the driving force in the energy transition, whose objective is to meet our energy demands without increasing the emissions that contribute to climate change. At the Repsol Technology Lab, we are working on research projects to capture CO2, store it, and use it as a raw material.