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The back of an indigenous man looking at mountains
  • Assessing our activity continuously

    We follow processes and methodologies that help maximize our positive impacts on society.
    Close-up of a group of employees at work

Promoting participatory, proactive, and ongoing dialogue with communities

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    We ensure dialogue through different communication channels.
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    We respect the unique nature of indigenous peoples.
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    We promote the role of the community liaison as a link with communities.
Children staring at the young tree they have just planted.

Working to generate shared value

We assess the opportunities that generate positive impacts and increase shared value in our projects. Our focus is on sustainable socio-economic development that is well planned and involves active dialog with local communities.
  • Creating alliances with our stakeholders and communities

A Repsol employee walking with a native from the local community.

Collaboration to boost sustainable development

Repsol and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) have have signed an agreement that facilitates advancement of sustainable development in close to 20 countries.
A woman from the local community at a school.

Agreement with the OEI to develop cooperative projects in Ibero-America

The agreement with the OEI facilitates collaboration to address the challenges facing the region through actions that promote sustainable development.