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Water management

Water management

Managing water responsibly

We manage our water resources sustainably by constantly seeking solutions to ensure that we use water responsibly and efficiently, preserve its quality, and advance towards a Circular Economy model. Water is a strategic resource for Repsol, and as a company, we are committed to reducing its demand and minimizing our impacts.

Water is an essential element that plays a key role in economic growth and environmental sustainability. Protecting and preserving it is one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 6: Water and sanitation). This also represents one of the biggest challenges facing the Oil & Gas sector. We use water in some of our key processes, both at our Refining and Chemicals industrial complexes and in our Exploration and Production activities.

For decades, we have been managing the water at our facilities sustainably by focusing our efforts on finding new ways to minimize the use of this natural resource, to use it more efficiently, and to preserve its quality.

In 2012, we decided to take our commitment further and we started to treat water as a strategic resource:

  • Boosting local water management in every activity
  • Applying best practices and standards to all of our company’s activities:
-We use as a reference the documents released by the European Union which outline the “Best available techniques” (BREF) and associated levels of emissions into the air and water.
-We comply with the requirements established in the Environmental Performance Practices (EPPs) regarding sanitation effluents, production water, and its impact on the environment.
We are very aware of the local specifics of water, and at every center and asset we need to assess a series of key criteria to ensure that water is properly managed. We carry out this assessment using the Repsol Water Tool (RWT), which is adapted to the needs of our company. The assessment includes parameters that look at internal management within a facility, as well as external ones.
  • Measurement parameters

  • An action plan for every business line

    We use water in key processes at our refining and chemicals industrial complexes as well as in our exploration and production operations. Moreover, we have a 2015-2020 Water management improvement action in place. Thanks to the work of our multidisciplinary teams in each one of our operations, we have managed to achieve in all of them almost 95% of the lines set out. Ultimately, we adapt our strategy to each area of activity: